The Treasure Hunt

Antique buckle 1920s dress Antique shoe buckles
#7395   $185
Gold tone filigree buckle, c.1910. Gold washed metal set with amethyst colored glass stones.
#1301   $375
Satin & net dinner dress, early 1920s. Easy restoration: perfect other than a few splits in the sleeve fabric.
#7393   $185
French cut steel shoe buckles, 20th century. Bordered with tiny cut-steel beads.
Broderie Anglaise christening dress 1930s bias cut nightgown 1960s Norell dress
#2695   $275
Broderie Anglaise christening dress, 1890s.Panel and neckline bordered with embroidered scalloped trim.
#7467   $275
Hollywood style, bias-cut charmeuse nightgown, 1930s. Neckline plunges almost to the waist in front.
#2146   $375
Norell wool double knit dress, 1960s. Norell's clean, precise tailoring is always in style.
Gucci fur bag Edwardian baby dress Deco silver bracelet
#7307   $225
Gucci faux fur mini bag. Authentic Gucci bag with original Gucci cloth storage cover.
#2685   $150
Toddler's embroidered cotton dress, c.1910. Neckline and ruffles have pretty scalloped edges.
#0655   $225
Deco sterling silver buckle bracelet, 1920s. Finely crafted from sterling silver links set with amber stones and rhinestones.
Edwardian knickers 1930s evening shoes Victorian embroidered collar
#2619   $275
Fancy hand-embroidered knickers, c.1905. Meant for an audience of one: the wearer's husband or special friend.
#7145   $250
Silver kid evening shoes, early 1930s. No structural flaws but a bit scuffed and worn. $650 if in top condition.
#7421   $85
Hand-embroidered collar, c.1900. Padded satin stitch, French knots, and open work with fancy fill.
1950s slip Galliano bell bottom jeans Chinese tea cozy
#7512   $85
Bias cut satin slip, 1950s. Charming leaf appliqués.
#7459   $175
John Galliano logo print bell bottom jeans, pre-owned. Original cost $900.
#7390   $125
Chinese embroidered silk tea cozy, 20th century. Surface is decorated with embroidered flowers.
1960s scarf 1830s fabric 1950s party dress
#9138     $95
Hermes-type wool challis printed scarf in 1960.
#1514    $195
Romantic period dress flounce, c.1830. Intricate small-scale floral prints. 
#2104   $375
Wilma/Miami Beach party dress, 1950s. Elaborate construction: the skirt has two layers of pale blue silk organza over a rose pink taffeta petticoat.
Edwardian skirt Edwardian silk ribbon 1940s hat
#9426   $175
Hand-embroidered cotton walking skirt, c.1910. Fine appliqués of hand-embroidered linen.
.#7385   $175
3 yards satin damask ribbon, c.1910. This magnificent antique ribbon is the best I have ever found.
#9035     $125
Wide-brim straw hat, c.1940.
1980s shoes 1920s Japanese wallet 1940s suit
#0418   $175
Charles Jourdan strappy leather shoes, c.1980. Made from burgundy kid leather with matching reptile straps. With the original red Jourdan box.
#2725   $250
Japanese painted leather wallet, 1920s. Embossed and painted with a fiery dragon.
#9248     $150
Wool plaid suit, c.1940.
Crisp 40s tailoring.
1940s peignoir vintage painted fan Edwardian skirt
#6504   $250
Ivory satin peignoir, 1940s. Trimmed with beautiful beige cotton lace.
#7402   $175
Painted satin ribbon fan, 20th century. Hand-painted white roses executed with convincing verisimilitude.
  #6402   $175
Silk skirt with lace/pearl appliqués, c.1900. Embellished with lace appliqués, pin tucks, and faux pearls. A marvelous, graceful train.
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