The Treasure Hunt

Victorian lace collar Dior jacket Duchesse lace hankie
#7382   $85
Tape lace collar, c.1900. Hand-assembled with fancy work fill stitches and looped bullion rosettes.
#7332   $375
Dior Boutique mohair jacket, 1980s. Gentle shaping emphasizes your curves.
#4133   $195
Handmade Brussels Duchesse lace wedding hankie, c.1900. Embellished with handmade lace.
Edwardian purse Lilli Ann coat Deco velvet shawl
#6592   $150
Natural linen/crochet reticule, early 20th century. Made of natural colored linen with panels of crochet.
#2457   $275
Lilli Ann wool tweed mini coat, 1960s. The scarf collar can be worn tied or open. The raglan sleeves are comfortable and easy to wear.
#1089   $275
Deco style cut velvet shawl, 1970s. Contrasting purple and yellow softened to lovely pastel shades.
1920s feather fan Victorian christening dress 1920s feather fan
#6454   $225
Feather fan, 1920s. The perfect flapper accessory! 3 ivory plumes wired in back to hold the curved shape.
#2684   $225
Lace-trimmed infant's dress, 1890s. Fab decoration: cobweb lace, rows of pin tucks, and lace ruffles.
#6450   $145
Feather pen, c.1920. The gold-plated nib is attached to a feather plume in shades of ivory, gray, and brown.
1930s needlepoint bag 1950s box bag Edwardian blouse
#6503   $175
Needlepoint handbag, 1930s. A marvelous carnelian clasp in the shape of a bullet cabochon.
#7305   $175
Prestige leather mini box bag, 1950s. Fab style: accented with goldtone link straps.
#6634   $195
Gibson girl blouse, c1910. Fashioned from stylish black and ivory polished cotton.
bias cut nightgown 1950s alligator bag Edwardian sequined skirt
#7286   $175 Bias cut rayon satin nightgown, 1930s. Fab alternating stripes of satin and crepe peach rayon. #6544   $425
Two-tone alligator bag, 1950s. Wonderful variation of texture in this marvelous two-tone brown bag.
#0993   $250
Sequined tulle evening skirt, c.1915. The design motif uses dominant vertical linear stripes vs. complementary oblique stripes at the waist. Reserved
1930s lace dickey 1930s rayon nightgown 1960s resort wear
#7341   $195
Embroidered lace dickey, 1930s. Add a touch of lace to the neckline of a jacket or sweater.
#7157   $175
Lady Edso bias-cut rayon crepe nightgown, 1930s. The bodice is matching pink lace with satin ribbon trim.
#7482   $275
Hawaiian poolside-style ensemble, 1960s. Wear it to a Hawaii Five-0 retro party!
1950s Mollie Parnis 1950s alligator wallet bias cut slip
#2269   $375
Mollie Parnis satin two piece dress, 1950s. Combines a boxy short jacket with a nicely styled party dress.
#6516   $225
Alligator folding clutch wallet, 1950s. Center of the wallet has a double coin purse.
#7513   $75
Bias cut georgette slip, 1970s. Sexy satin ribbon straps.
vintage slip pair European shams 1920s lace flapper dress
#7161   $275
Form fitting rayon slip, 1980s. Very well made in Hong Kong with a fully lined bodice.
#9453   $250
Pair of European linen pillow shams, c.1900. Fab diamond shaped inserts of handmade Cluny lace.
#2769   $375
Chiffon and lace flapper dress, c.1929. Ultra-feminine intricate floral lace motifs.
1920s child's hankies c.1900 blouse panel Belgian lace blouse
#9139     $75
2 charming printed child's hankies, one is signed, c.1925.
#2496   $125
Hand-embroidered blouse panel, c.1900. Exquisite 3-dimensional hand embroidery with textured stitches.
#7347   $225
Appliquéd lace blouse, 1940s. Hand-assembled Belgium princess lace! A very pretty back.
Edwardian shoe buckles Buster Brown shoes Edwardian silk ribbon
#7075   $175
French cut steel shoe buckles, c.1900. They will lend a glittering glamour to a pair of basic shoes.
#6578   $175
Child's Buster Brown lace-up shoes, c.1905. Named after the title character of popular cartoon strip.
#6403   $165
Two yards damask ribbon, c.1910. Watered silk roses in extra wide width.
1920s trim Whiting & Davis bag 1930s compact
#2751   $150
4 3/4+ yards of woven cotton trim, 1920s. Trim has colorful foliate motifs on a beige mesh ground. Looks like it was never used.
#6797   $85
Whiting & Davis gold mesh pouch, 1930s. Hand-engraved top and accordion gate neck opening.
#0845    $195
Substantial-weight Deco enamel compact, c.1930. In excellent working condition.
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