The Treasure Hunt

1930s silk nightgown Trigere coat 1930s silk nightgown
#2180   $175
Hand-embroidered silk nightgown, 1930s. This elegant bias-cut nightgown epitomizes the fluid look of the 1930s.
#6376   $350
Wool evening coat, 1970s. Pauline Trigère had a unique mastery of draping wool fabrics.
#2181   $150
Hand-embroidered silk nightgown, 1930s. The bodice front is finely hand embroidered with a grid of flowers.
c.1910 valence Bill Blass coat Victor Costa dress
#0838   $275
French silk brocade valence, c.1910. Made from luxurious floral silk brocaded faille and lined with brown cotton sateen.
#2643   $250
Bill Blass ultrasuede coat, c.1980. The unstructured style is casual. Yet the details are crisp and defined. The Bill Blass look— assured, impeccably tailored, and comfortable.
#6556   $395
Victor Costa cocktail dress, 1980s. The tightly fitting, ruched torso emphasizes your curves.
Bill Blass 1980s 1920s beaded cloche 1960s Scaasi dress
#6680   $375
Bill Blass little black dress, 1980s. Empire-style, black velvet bodice with a black silk crepe mini skirt.
#7541   $295
Beaded velvet flapper cloche, late 1920s. Embellished with faceted black glass beads.
#6869   $375
Scaasi satin cocktail dress, c.1960. With saturated color and dramatically shaped skirt, the stunning dress is high spirited and sculptural.
Paolo Gucci scarf 1940s corde bag pair European shams
#7387   $150
Paolo Gucci silk scarf, 1980s. Horsey design signifies an aristocratic background for the wearer. Reserved
#9434   $75
Cordé navy handbag, 1940s. Cordé part of the bag is perfect; only the frame shows wear.
#9452   $275
Pair of European fancy pillow shams, c.1900. Embellished with hand-embroidered cutwork and pin tucks.
1920s Japanese wallet Edwardian lace bolero Victorian velvet mantle
#2725   $250
Japanese painted leather wallet, 1920s. Embossed and painted with a fiery dragon.
#2704   $150
Hand-assembled tape lace bolero vest, c.1905. From handmade Brussels lace, it would cost $700.
#7345   $295
Devoré velvet mantle, 1880s. The back "tail" added decoration to the top of the bustle.
Victorian knickers 1940s peignoir 1950s cashmere sweater
#7511   $175
Split-crotch cotton knickers, 1870s. Fine decoration.
#6504   $250
Ivory satin peignoir, 1940s. Trimmed with beautiful beige cotton lace.
#1850   $250
Beaded cashmere sweater, c.1950. Unique beading, front and back.
1970s pony skin boots Victorian lace scarf 1920s lace jacket
#0414   $275
Italian pony skin boots,1970s. Uppers are fashioned from pony skin. The soles and heels are rubber.
#6509   $125
Needle-run net lace scarf, 1870s. Lovely gossamer scarf with very fine silk net with silk floss embroidery.
#4119   $375
Mixed lace cardigan jacket, 1920s. The antique look without the high cost of handmade lace.
Edwardian blouse Edwardian fan Irish crochet baby bonnet
#2758   $295
Hand-embroidered silk blouse, c.1915. Finely decorated on cuffs and front panel with open work embroidery in silk floss.
#6692   $175
Hand-painted silk/ivory fan, c.1910. Japanese figures set in a floral landscape.
#6691   $195
Child's Irish crochet bonnet, c.1910. Each side is decorated with a pink ribbon rosette.
Adrienne Vittadini dress Victorian petticoat Edwardian ribbon
#7294   $275
Adrienne Vittadini wool knit dress, 1980s. Casual ease and feminine appeal is signature Vittadini.
#6673   $250
Ayrshire hand-embroidered petticoat, c.1890. The hand-embroidered hem border is quite charming.
#2046A   $100
3.4 yards satin ribbon, c.1910. A bold, patriotic design!
Victorian needlepoint 1930s evening shoes 1920s satin brocade panel
#2039   $250
Beaded needlepoint pillow cover, c.1895. The finely worked pillow cover features beaded Calla lilies set in a cluster of wool needlepoint leaves.
#7285   $350
Velvet/satin evening shoes, 1930s. Fab black velvet T-strap design has alternating black satin straps.
#7509   $95
Satin brocade panel with matching trim, 1920s. Almost 2 yards long.
Ayrshire panel Edwardian ribbon Ayrshire panel
#9314    $95
Ayrshire panel, c.1890. Inventive textural combinations.
#2047    $175
3.7 yards printed satin ribbon. Delightful paisley pattern.
#9315     $95
Ayrshire panel, c.1890. The pristine purity of whitework!
1930s coin purse Victorian christening dress Edwardian ribbon
#7394   $275
French stenciled satin coin purse, c.1938. Crafted with stenciled satin on outside and red leather on inside.
#2693   $275
Broderie Anglaise christening dress, 1880s. Fine whitework enhanced by many rows of textured tucks.
#2128   $95
1 3/4 yards ribbon, c.1910. Silk damask ribbon.
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