The Treasure Hunt

This section of Vintage Textile is for clients looking for that special “find” that does not fit into one of my major categories. Here is where the vintage clothing collector with an eye for value will discover the hidden treasure that makes the chase so enjoyable. Happy hunting! All items in the Treasure Hunt are sold "as is" and all sales are final!

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1820s skirt panels vintage chapan 1960s fringe jacket

#2407   $350
1820s silk skirt panels, embellished with soutache in a foliate pattern. NEW LISTING;

#6575   $375
Gentleman's striped silk chapan. Ivory stripes alternate with wine-and-gold chevrons. NEW LISTING
#7546   $350
Silk fringe jacket, 1960s. Closes in front and can be worn open or closed. NEW LISTING
1920s beaded cloche flapper cloche 1920s flapper hat
#7541   $295
Beaded velvet flapper cloche, late 1920s. Embellished with faceted black glass beads. NEW LISTING
#7540   $275
Austrian plush cloche hat, 1920s. Divine Deco decoration on brim. NEW LISTING
#7542   $275
Flapper velvet skull cap, late 1920s. What a charming large bow in back! NEW LISTING
Edwardian tea dress Edwardian silk skirt 1940s evening dress
#7547   $150
Lace trimmed embroidered tea dress, c.1908. Fab price with a little TCL! NEW LISTING
#0306   $185
Edwardian silk skirt with train, c.1905. A symphony in silk floss! NEW LISTING
#7548   $185
Satin evening dress, 1940s. Square shoulders à la Adrian. NEW LISTING
Oscar de la Renta dress 1920s crochet gloves 1930s bias cut nightgown
#6437   $250
Oscar de La Renta evening dress, 1980s. Sexy and ultra-stylish! NEW LISTING
#7538   $65
Handmade crochet lace gloves accented with mother-of-pearl button, 1930s.
#7520   $195
1930s bias-cut chiffon/lace nightgown with ribbon floral bouquet.
black lace mantilla 1930s lace panties Irish crochet gloves
#7524   $65
Black lace mantilla and lace scarf, 1950s—a great price when bought together.
#7522   $125
Black lace tap pants with scalloped bands of lace edging, 1930s.
#7537   $85
Handmade Irish crochet lace gloves with Irish crochet roses, 1930s.
1920s evening shoes Edwardian full petticoat Chinese embroidered shawl
#2690   $300
Silver brocade evening shoes, c.1925. Chic T-straps and Louis heels.
#7535   $150
Princess line, full length petticoat: smooth fit.
#7532   $150
Chinese hand-embroidered silk shawl—a great value!
Victorian gown Edwardian wedding dress 1930s beaded evening dress
#1245   $395
Silk taffeta ball gown, c.1870. Made from glowing gold taffeta.
#2491   $375
Satin wedding dress trimmed with Cluny lace and pearls, c.1910. Fab long back train!
#0508   $395
Beaded silk chiffon evening dress, 1930s. A simple repair project will make this one worth $550!
whitework sleeves post Civil War dress Edwardian coat
#7530   $75
Pair of fine whitework sleeves, 1840s: dress an antique doll!
#1596   $375
Cotton print day dress, c.1867. Full skirt (longer in back) anticipates the move to the bustle style. Sold
#c419   $375
Appliquéd wool coat, c.1916. Black marabou collar & cuffs and appliqué trim add graphic contrast.
Victorian sleeves 1960s evening cape c.1918 purse
#7531   $65
Pair of Victorian lace/tulle sleeves for a restoration project. Sold
#7536   $175
Appliquéd, 1960s beaded evening cape. Fab 3-dimensional flowers.
#7525   $95
Embroidered silk faille purse, c.1918. Petit point floral decoration on 1 side.
Antique hair comb 1920s beaded caftan 1930s evening dress
#7384   $350
Intricately carved early plastic comb, c.1910. Hand carved pattern.
#2511   $375
Beaded silk charmeuse caftan, 1920s. Embellished with wide bands of navy bugle beads.
#2788   $285
Gold lamé evening dress, 1940s. Here are Adrian's built-up shoulders designed for Joan Crawford.  Sold
Edwardian tea dress Qing dynesty skirt c.1914 summer dress
#7510   $295
Edwardian embroidered summer tea dress, c.1908. Smart embroidered cutwork.
#7477   $350
Qing dynasty embroidered wedding skirt, c.1890. Two elaborately hand-embroidered figural panels.
#7340   $350
Lace trimmed tea dress, c.1914. A square armistice-style neckline and three-quarter-length sleeves.
1950s slip Victorian child's shoes 1920s costume bag
#7512   $85
Bias cut satin slip, 1950s. Charming leaf appliqués.
#7399   $195
Child's high button boots, 1880s-1890s. Made from adorable red leather with flat leather soles.
#7502   $175
Silk costume bag trimmed with metallic lace, 1920s. 2 little fabric roses.
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