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#1563            $2,900 

Irish crochet lace gown, c.1905

We never tire of the charm of fine Irish lace with its enduring romantic appeal and nostalgia for a time when life was more genteel. The large, bold floral motifs can be easily appreciated from a distance. 

The European craft of crochet reached its peak in Ireland, where it was used to copy 17th century Venetian needlepoint laces. The distinguishing element of Irish crochet lace is three-dimensional raised work.

Handmade Irish lace garments do not have unsightly seams. The shape of the garment is built-in with the hand assembly of the individual motifs. The gown closes in back with tiny covered buttons. I love the graceful train!

This exquisite gown is an excellent example of the art of raised crochet. The gown has all the attributes favored by serious collectors: large three-dimensional motifs; variety of motifs; and a pleasing arrangement.


Aside from its beauty, Irish crochet is favored by collectors because it is durable. This gown is fashioned from cotton yarn that can be washed and will not disintegrate. You can wear this beauty without worrying that you might be destroying a museum treasure.

The condition is excellent and wearable. You just need to add a slip.

It measures: 36" bust, 28" waist, 44" hip, and 54" from the shoulder to the front hem.

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