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Silk log cabin quilt, c.1880

What strong graphic design and brilliant color! This beautifully executed Log Cabin quilt would make a striking wall hanging— or drape it over the back of your couch. Here is the naive, yet artful, simplicity of the best folk art.

The satin logs are 3/8" wide and are sewn to a muslin back in the traditional manner. The 2"-center squares are padded, adding a three-dimensional quality to the textured log design.

The 8"-wide border of red silk is hand quilted in a diamond grid pattern of 10-12 stitches per inch. The stitches are even and straight.

The condition is very good. The outside is excellent, but the back is frayed. It would be easy to add a protective layer of fabric to the back. I am comfortable with the condition because it is so difficult to find a dramatic silk quilt with no damage to the log pattern.

It measures 76" by 70".

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