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lace flapper dress

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Embroidered tulle/Irish crochet flapper dress, c.1926

The simple flapper chemise, uncluttered with seams and construction detail, is the ideal canvas for textile art. Made from pale yellow cotton tulle, this beauty features bands of raised embroidered flowers and handmade Irish crochet lace. The simple shape of the dress is contemporary; the detailing has the distinctive charm of an antique original.

The winsome dress is embellished with raised floral embroidery, narrow tucks, decorative crocheted ball buttons on the sides, and bands of pale beige handmade Irish crochet lace. I love the fluttery lace faux sleeves.

The camera sometimes plays tricks. The beige in the lace trumps the yellow in the tulle. In any case, the interplay of subtle pastels makes a pleasant change from the standard white seen in most flapper dresses. Contrast is an often neglected, yet important, principle in style. A well known example from British fashion (and society) history illustrates the principle in action.

The Duchess of Rutland had three daughters. Diana, the youngest and most beautiful child, was quite blond. When Lady Diana (Manners) made her debut (1910), she did not wear the pink-and-white dress that was standard for debutantes of the time. Instead, she wore a beige hue that made her opalescent complexion appear even more glowing.

The dress slips on without closures. It is lightweight and effortless to wear. You will need to add a slip because the dress is sheer. A white slip would soften still more the pastels. A colored slip, e.g., yellow, would emphasize the dress' yellow hue.

The condition is excellent. The dress is clean and ready to wear.

It measures: 38" bust, 40" waist, 42" hip, and 38" from shoulder to hem.

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