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Ferragamo gold kid shoes

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Ferragamo printed kid shoes, c.1947-50

Salvatore Ferragamo was known for innovative designs, especially in the 1940s-1950s. His invisible sandal design—uppers made from clear fishing line and heels of plain gold kid—won the 1947 Neiman Marcus Award, the Oscar of Fashion.

Like most prolific designers, he recycled his concepts in different combinations of fabric and color. Below is an example of his invisible sandal produced with printed gold kid heels and ankle straps.

One idea leads to another. He liked the printed kid design and then uses it in other designs from this period, like our peep-toe shoes.

They have leather soles, beige kid insides, and 3" heels. The straps and decorative band across the toes are of plain gold kid. I recall seeing these sexy shoes on movie femme fatale Holly Huntress. She was sitting alone at a table in the Club Chimera on a steamy Saturday night—dressed all in black except for a collar of white fur, light as angel's wings, on her evening wrap.

Holly had the smooth silky skin that an old roue dreams of. In her past were things she'd rather not go into. Her eyes looked like a prelude to a scream—but only for a second. The shoes' insoles are stamped Ferragamo's Creations/Italy and Lord & Taylor/Fifth Avenue.

The design number, H3 912 1/2 AN965 468S 6M, is handwritten in ink on the inside.

The condition is very good. On the sides, the gold printed design is worn; the shoes are priced accordingly. Here is an exemplar from the most creative period of this legendary designer. The size is marked 6M.

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