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Trapunto corded corset owned by A B Colby, c.1820

Through antique clothing, we can achieve a tangible and intimate connection with the wearer. When we know the original owner's name, we have an even closer connection to her.

The lady's corset was originally owned by A B Colby; her name is written in ink on the front side near the armhole. The corset came from an estate in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

The Colbys, an old New England family in the area, included several Abigails. Researching which Abigail was the owner will be a worthwhile project for a genealogy buff.

Judging by the small size, the ecru cotton corset probably belonged to a young lady. The waistline area is reinforced with many rows of corded trapunto. Cording is also used to stiffen the seams and back opening.

The center-front of the corset has a full length pocket where the busk would have been inserted. Everything, including the eyelets, is hand stitched.

The condition is almost excellent. The corset has no damage, although the original busk and back lacings are missing.

It measures: 31" bust, 21" waist, 28" lower circumference, and 17" from shoulder to front hem.

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