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1820s drawn bonnet

#7443 $1,600

Silk drawn bonnet with original decoration, c.1820

Made from khaki colored silk, the bonnet is all original. Even without decoration, bonnets from this period command attention with their imposing sculptural shape. The original decoration is a bonus for the collector.

This important historical artifact is a once-in-a-lifetime find. Our captivating bonnet should be the centerpiece of a fine private or museum collection.

The silk is drawn up in a shirred effect over rows of inserted canes/wire. The partially lined inside of the crown is of buckram. I love the enormous ribbon bow on one side. The wide gossamer ribbon trim is woven with a delightful pattern of oak leaves.

For connoisseurs of Romantic period clothing like ourselves, the periods and places we long to visit may occupy a larger place in our mental lives than where we¬†are at the moment. This bonnet speaks to us directly from Jane Austen's novels.

The condition is almost excellent and all original. In the delicate ribbon trim are a few small holes. Luckily the trim is not shattering and should remain intact for years. If you value "design integrity" as I do, then an all original bonnet with a minor flaws is much to be preferred over a "redecorated" version.

The bonnet measures 11" front-to-back and is 14" high in front.

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