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Whiting and Dvis dress

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Whiting and Davis Silver Chain Mesh evening dress, 1980s

Although Whiting and Davis mesh "fabric" had been around for decades, it took on new life in the 1970s-1980s when fashion designers rediscovered its slinky appeal.

The flexible mesh provocatively drapes on the female form, offering a clever fashion take on conic sections—ellipses, hyperbolas, and parabolas. For the male psyche, the draped mesh is the most thrilling type of geometry!

Most vintage Whiting and Davis blouses from the 1980s are in the halter or the T-shirt style. I have found only one other with this fab style, evocative of 1940s Hollywood glamour.

The silver tone mesh blouse was attached to a cream colored silk jersey skirt. The substantial weight of the silk jersey drapes beautifully, echoing the drape of the mesh. The dress closes in back with a zipper. The smooth flexible mesh is quite comfortable to wear.

Our stylish dress is an essay in graceful draping, which has been embedded in Western cultural consciousness—the Goddess gown—since Classical times. In our seductive dress, you will reinvent for your viewer this alluring model of beauty.

The condition is almost excellent. On the skirt back are a few tiny pale spots, which will probably come out with cleaning. They barely show as is.

It measures: 36"-38" bust, 30" waist, 40" hip, 17 1/2" from the shoulder to the low waist, and 53" from the shoulder to the hem.

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