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Gatti Nolli couture

#2794 $950

French embroidered silk waistcoat fronts, 1770s-1780s

The elaborate surface decoration seen in 18th century costume is an area of study in itself. These lavishly embellished waistcoat fronts offer an opportunity for up close examination of an exemplary piece from the late Rococo period.

The waistcoat fronts are fashioned from cream-colored corded silk fabric backed with linen. The silk fabric is embroidered with a floral pattern of matching heavy silk floss.

The mirror-like sequins and paillettes are stitched through both layers of fabric. The embroidered buttons have sequin centers. The pocket flaps are decorative only.

These fine waistcoat fronts are a remarkable historical fashion artifact, dating from the time when Benjamin Franklin arrived in Paris as America's first ambassador.

The condition is very good. A few of the sequins are missing, which is reflected in the price.

Each front is 12" wide and 28" long.

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