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Edwardian wide brim hat

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Wide-brim straw hat with original trim, c.1910

What a treat to find an all-original, antique wide-brim hat! These hats were often refurbished in an over done theatrical interpretation of the period. With its extra wide brim (21 1/2"), the hat could have been worn by Dorothy in Fitzgerald's The Beautiful and the Damned.

Wide-brim hats have remained popular over the centuries. The romantic appeal of the wide brim, which beautifully frames the face, makes the style a perennial favorite with collectors. This one evokes nostalgia for the genteel, leisured lifestyle of the Edwardian middle class.

Made from natural colored straw, the hat has the original decoration of ivory ostrich plumes and bouquets of forget-me-not like fabric flowers. The label reads "Hagers/Lancaster, PA". The shallow crown is lined with matching silk.

In literature, the wide brimmed hat was often seen perched on the head of the heroine. In The Beautiful and the Damned, Anthony Patch has a day's leave from his Army training camp. He finds himself trailing behind a pretty girl in a lilac dress. She is heading home at dusk in a sleepy Southern town. Several times she turns to look at him with laughter in eyes the same color as her dress. When he catches up with Dorothy, she is dissolved in soft, rippling laughter.

Her eyes were as soft as shadows. Were they violet, or was it their blue darkness mingling with the gray hues of dusk? Her voice seemed as much a part of the night as the drowsy breeze stirring the wide brim of her hat.

The condition is almost excellent. The straw is very light soiled. This is a minor flaw that does not spoil the appearance.

The brim diameter is 21 1/2". The inner crown circumference is 22".

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