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1930s lace and chiffon evening dress

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Beaded lace and chiffon evening dress, 1930s

After the short and sassy flapper dresses of the late 1920s, the sensual long lines of the 1930s seemed fresh and new. Long slinky evening dresses, like our fab beaded creation, became synonymous with Hollywood sophistication.

The dress is straight to the lower hip. The lower skirt flares out with bias-cut panels. It slips on without closures.

The bodice is of beige silk chiffon. The delicate black lace skirt is lined with a layer of beige chiffon over a beige silk crepe slip. So as not to distract from the core design idea (geometric forms), the designer strictly limited her color palette to beige, black and white.

The finely shaded design is composed solely of opaque white micro beads densely spaced over the bodice and waist area, creating an almost solid white flame pattern. The flames spread apart over the hips to the knees, allowing a glimpse of underlying black lace. Below the knees, just a few beads trickle down to the hem.

The designer ingeniously echoes the flame motif over the breasts with small tongues of white flame extending into the waist area. The subconscious message for the viewer is not particularly subtle but will be quite effective with the male of the species.

I am reminded of director Billy Wilder's quip, when asked about subtlety in film, that he was all for subtleties as long as they were obvious :)

The condition is almost excellent. The structurally sound dress shows gentle wear.

It measures: 36" bust and waist, 40" hip, and 56" from shoulder to hem.

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