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#6556          $395

Victor Costa cocktail dress, 1980s

This unlabeled dress has been identified as the work of Victor Costa.

The tightly fitting, ruched torso emphasizes your curves. The larger-than-life cabbage rose sleeves command attention. The strong purple color belies the expression "shrinking violet."

The dress is fashioned from a synthetic blend of nylon and Dacron, great for holding the shape of the sleeves, which won't wilt. The bodice is boned for support, and the dress is totally lined with matching fabric. It closes on the side with a nylon coil zipper and across the seam (where the torso joins the shoulder) with snaps and velcro.

This totally stylish dress is for the woman who doesn't mind being noticed. True, it is a bit over the top, but better to be dramatic than boring.

I meant "stylish" and not "tasteful" nor "elegant." That is something else altogether. Style is individual, aristocratic, and brilliant. For style in life or fashion, "spontaneity" and "impulse" are the highest terms of praise; "boring" is the worst epithet.

The condition is excellent. It is clean and ready to wear.

It measures: 36" bust, 28" waist, 38" hip, and 41" from the shoulder to the hem.

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