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Regency whitework bonnet

#1855 $350

Hand-embroidered infant's bonnet, c.1800-1820

There could not be a more pleasurable indulgence than buying this extraordinarily fine bonnet for a beloved infant. The ancient technique of whitework embroidery had a strong revival in the early 19th century. The purity and restraint of textured white stitches on a sheer white ground perfectly suited the Neoclassical aesthetic.

Our bonnet is fashioned from sheer cotton muslin with insets of needle-run tulle. Early 19th century muslin, which is almost transparent, is greatly superior to the heavy muslin of today.

The embroidered florets are executed in chain stitch—they appear raised above the surface. The bonnet has drawstring ties on the lower edge and along the front. The bonnet is completely hand sewn.

The condition is almost excellent. There is one tiny mend next to the lower back edge.

The bonnet is very tiny. It measures 3 1/2" from front to back and is 3 1/2" tall.

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