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beaded flapper dress

#0979          $850

Beaded silk crepe party dress, c.1930

This knockout beaded party dress is as stylish today as when first worn. The figure-flattering long torso is covered with slightly iridescent black cut-glass beads, the ideal canvas for the star design.

The 5-pointed stylized stars, like sparkling celestial petals, are outlined by tiny clear crystal beads. The stars' ringlike centers are filled with cobalt beads. The enigmatic, mesmerizing star motifs materialize the Medieval cosmology of the solar system.

The body of the dress, made from black silk crepe, is attached to a flirty skirt of silk georgette ruffles. The open sides of the tabard-style bodice reveal a sexy black silk crepe under slip, which closes on one side with hooks.

The marriage of a sophisticated long torso and a coquettish ruffled skirt makes for inspired design. Add the striking contrast in the beading: large cobalt blue vs. tiny sable black and you have an unforgettable fashion statement!

The enchanting effect which the masterful beading produces on the viewer is as real as that of certain glances. Although neither of them bears a rational form meant for the recipient's intelligence, their beauty powerfully affects him nevertheless in their true meaning.

The condition is almost excellent. The dress, sturdy and wearable, has just a few breaks in the georgette skirt ruffles. Luckily, the breaks are lost in the fullness of the skirt and do not show when the dress is worn.

It measures: 36" bust, 38" drop waist, 44" hip, 18" from shoulder to drop waist, and 52" from shoulder to hem.

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