Princess lace dress 1920s

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Princess lace dress with train, c.1923

Early 20th century hand-assembled lace dresses are perennial favorites. With its charming and slightly uneven texture, this heirloom-quality lace dress delights the eye of the viewer more than a flat machine made copy. The graceful back train embodies the stately and ceremonious persona of a gracious hostess or of a beautiful bride.

Made from ivory cotton tulle (hand-appliquéd with bouquets of princess lace flowers), the loose unconstructed style slips on without closures—comfortable and effortless to wear. The lace is layered over a cream-colored lining.

The gossamer delicacy of the hand-assembled lace is to die for! The impeccable finish of the irresistibly feminine dress tells us the gown was expensive when new. Note the masterful treatment of the barely visible underarm lace, an exemplar of the myriad details of execution likely to remain unobserved.

These details are like parts of an orchestra score to which the composer has devoted infinite labor, though they may never reach the ears of the public. The smallest detail is a precious thing exemplifying the special excellence of the whole.

If you value wearable antique textiles, you will love our graceful dress. This is the vintage advantage. The traditional style of our dress is of the last degree of charm. It would be perfect for an informal wedding.

The condition is almost excellent. The dress is sturdy enough to be worn.

It measures: 42" bust, 36" waist, 48" hip, 17" from shoulder to waist, and 49" from shoulder to front hem. The loose style can be worn by a variety of figures. The mannequin is much smaller (bust 36" waist 25", hip 36") than the measurements of the dress.

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