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1920s Deco shawl

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Deco metallic brocaded chiffon shawl, early 20th century

The major French fashion magazine Art, Goût, Beauté summed up fashion in the 1920s: "a unique combination of exoticism and modernity, which was at the core of the Art Deco movement." Our brilliant shawl illustrates this pairing.

The shawl is made from burnt orange silk chiffon brocaded with stylized Deco roses, geometric squares, and wavy lines. The ends are bordered with matching hand-knotted silk fringe. Real antique metallic fibers have a mellow beauty that cannot be duplicated today—only the passage of time produces the rich bronzed patina.

There is an exotic, Eastern sensibility in the monochromatic motif of squares and wavy lines. Although the term Art Deco was coined in 1968, it refers to an aesthetic in vogue between 1909 and 1939, adopted in the decorative arts, textiles, and fashion.

Deco displayed stylized motifs and shapes borrowed from national traditions, folk art, and ancient cultures and was strongly influenced by the avant-garde. Deco also favored the use of basic geometric shapes, as in our glorious shawl, for its design motifs.

An antique fashion accessory, like this lovely shawl, is the perfect way to add a touch of tasteful elegance to a basic dress. The unsurpassed beauty of fine antique textiles explains why they are collected.

The condition is almost excellent. The shawl has a few tiny holes, which were left alone because they would be more obvious if mended.

It measures 40" wide by 109" long, including the 27"-long borders of fringe.

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