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gold lame flapper dress

#2409 $1,100

Embroidered gold lamé flapper dress, c.1928

Made from metallic gold lamé ribbed fabric, the brilliant flapper dress personifies the dazzling opulence of the late Twenties. The graphic design features a bold blushing rose embroidered in chain stitch of heavy silken floss on a canvas of a contrasting royal blue satin.

Echoing the single rose are several large Poiret-style roses caressed by blue leaves in a decorative frieze on the front of the skirt. This is the stylized simplicity seen in an ancient Greek frieze, the narrative horizontal band used by Classical architects, e.g., the Elgin Marbles Parthenon frieze. Instead of an Athenian religious procession, our frieze charmingly symbolizes nature in bloom.

The armholes are faced with the same blue satin used as background for the roses. The dress slips on without closures. The gold button at the back neckline is decorative only. The bodice is lined with sheer ivory silk chiffon. The skirt has deep, soft side pleats for ease of movement.

If you love wearable antique textiles as I do, this scintillating beauty is a "must have." The burnished patina of the gold lame fabric is the tribute that time pays to beauty. The incandescent beauty of the lace embodies the golden splendor of 1920s fashion. I call it the vintage advantage.

The condition is almost excellent. In the bodice lining are a few tears under the armholes. The lining is stable; and the dress is wearable.

It measures: 36" bust and waist, 40" hip, and 41" from shoulder to hem.

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