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Silk skirt panels, 1820s

Separate skirts worn with a Spencer style bodice, as in the fashion plate below, are less common than the usual full dress and jacket combination.

1820s skirt

The last separate Regency skirt I found was held in place with suspender style straps. Our skirt panels are completely finished on the top edge, indicating the panels were not just the lower portion of a dress. Also, there are marks along the top edge that could have been made by hooks where the skirt was attached to a jacket.

The panels are fashioned from cream colored silk twill. The front opening is embellished with matching handmade soutache applied in a stylized foliate pattern. The opening closes with hooks.

The back edges are finished, indicating the panels overlapped in back. The panels are completely hand stitched. The slight A-line shape and padded hem was popular—particularly in France—in the mid-late 1820s.

The condition is very good. The panels are structurally sound but show gentle wear.

The length is 38". Each panel is 24" wide at the top, and 43" wide at the bottom.

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