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1920s needlepoint bag

#1442 $375

Needlepoint bag with petit point birds, c.1920

What joy and gaiety in the brilliant design that features two mythological birds—different on front and back! Whence comes that persistent longing to penetrate into their mythological existence? The design was worked in fine wool petit point. Its exuberance and vivacity has a distinctive and memorable charm.

The bag is hung from a gold tone metal frame and is lined with aqua silk. Inside are two pockets with a matching change purse and silk backed mirror. The bag closes with a jeweled cloisonné clasp and has a linked chain handle.

The art of needlepoint has a distinguished pedigree. Irish crochet artists used 17th century Venetian needlepoint laces as their inspiration. Indeed, fine needlepoint artwork, the mainstay of every Victorian parlor, adds a touch of charm to a modern decor.

The two birds recall the Phoenix, the mythical bird with a colorful plumage. It has a 1000-year life-cycle, at the end of which it builds a nest that ignites. Both nest and bird burn and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix is reborn to live again. The Phoenix, like Art, is immortal.

The condition is almost excellent. On the lining are several small, pale spots. The exterior is perfect.

It measures 7" tall by 7" wide. The frame is 6" wide. The handle is 12 1/2" long.

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