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Whitework panel, early 20th century

If you are a regular visitor to Vintage Textile, you know of my high opinion of fine hand embroidery—a major art form. I have a special affection for the pristine purity of whitework. Without the enhancement of color, a whitework design depends solely on creative combinations of texture.

This lovely whitework panel is bordered on three sides with handmade filet lace—another plus for the lover of the needle arts. The embroidery combines an variety of stitches, including padded satin stitch, French knots, and open-work fancy fill.

This panel has the same quality of handwork as a Boué Soeurs couture nightgown I recently sold. Naturally, our whitework panel sells for a small fraction (1/20th) of the Boué Soeurs: you cannot compare a panel with a complete nightgown made by one of the great names in couture. But the handwork is of the same quality.

The condition is excellent.

It measures 30" by 6", including the lace. The embroidered part is 26" by 4". The lace is 2" wide.

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