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Ayrshire hand-embroidered panel, c.1890

If you are a regular visitor to Vintage Textile, you know of my high opinion of fine hand embroidery—a major art form. I have a special affection for the pristine purity of whitework. Without the enhancement of color, a whitework design depends solely on creative combinations of texture.

An excellent collection of the art of embroidery can be formed from small pieces like this panel. The work here is just as fine as on a complete garment. Alternatively, you can use this panel in one of your projects, e.g., for doll clothes.

The panel is fashioned from very fine cotton. If this exquisite piece of embroidery were priced by the number of hours spent in its creation, it would cost hundreds of dollars.

The condition is almost excellent. There is one tiny hole (1/8"), which can be darned.

The panel is 17" by 10". The embroidered part is 17" by 7 1/2".

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