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1920s beaded evening coat

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French beaded velvet evening coat, mid 1920s

Evening coats from the flapper era remain a perennial favorite, perhaps because no other period combined such opulence with such youthful sass. The slouchy, casual cut of the coat embodies the flapper's "party till dawn" attitude. The sensual silk velvet, luxe ruched collar, and beaded sides and sleeves all whisper "wealth and status."

The plush coat is fashioned from rose silk velvet and lined with peach satin. The sleeves and sides of the coat are elaborately beaded with alternating stripes of roses and geometrics. The clutch-style coat has no closures. The label reads "Made in France/Rue de la Paix Gown/Paris." The style and finish of clothing from the 1920s in Paris has never been equaled.

The sinuous, serpentine beading pattern (4th picture from bottom) is among the most visually arresting I have seen. The main bands of the floral motif are executed with matchless mastery, conveying the exotic allure of the East. The bracketing patterns of linked circles add a delicate, feminine grace note to the design.

The top picture says it all. This is a coat for the stylish woman who uses her beauty and her clothing as the material from which to create a work of art: the combination of the light, her clothing, and the evening's mood in her eyes.

The condition is almost excellent. There is a small, pale smudge on the front. I do not consider this a problem because the stain will likely come out with cleaning; if it doesn't, you can overlap it with the other side of the coat. The lining has been mended at the shoulders.

The size depends on the amount of overlap.
It measures: about 46" circumference, 16" from shoulder seam to shoulder seam, 23" sleeve length, and 42" from shoulder to hem.

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