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Edwardian evening blouse

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Beaded net over blouse, c.1912

Immediately before WWI, fashion was shifting away from the elaborate Edwardian S-bend shape of the Gibson Girl to a more fluid, slender silhouette. Our beaded top was originally worn over one of those slender gowns. You can pair it with jeans or wear it over a slip dress in the evening.

Made from fine black net, the top is elaborately embellished with bead work and bronzed metallic embroidery. The pleasing pastels of the beads are wonderfully enhanced by the antique burnished patina—the tribute that time pays to beauty. The top closes in back with small hooks.

This artistic over blouse was meant for Elise, a pretty young women from the Eastern social elite. She had that curious mixture of social and artistic temperaments found in both society women and actresses. Her education—or rather her sophistication—had been absorbed from the men who had dangled on her favor.

Her tact was instinctive, and her capacity for flirtations was limited only by the number of eligible men she met. A half invitation smiled from her gray eyes. Her mouth was like a remembered kiss.

I like to imagine Elise in this lovely over blouse—with her winsome smile and laughing eyes—as she entered that familiar drawing room that seemed to welcome her as warmly as the happy guests. A pianist was playing her favorite music, For Elise.

Click here for the charming melody.

The condition is almost excellent. It just shows gentle wear.

It measures: 36" bust, 30" high waist, 14 1/2" sleeve length, and 21" from shoulder to front hem.

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