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#2638          $375

Chantilly lace party dress, 1920s

This beautiful dress was fashioned in the 1920s from 19th century black Chantilly lace. The lace has breaks throughout. Luckily the dress is totally lined with a dusty rose silk underdress, which supports the lace and keeps it from falling apart. I did not notice any disintegration when I put the dress on the mannequin for photography.

The dress would be perfect if you have been invited to a 1920s theme party and do not want to spend a lot of money on a dress that will be worn once. It displays beautifully. In Excellent condition, the dress could sell for $1200.

For centuries Chantilly lace has conveyed a subtle yet unmistakable sexual tension. Chantilly lace both flaunted and covered the female figure—a combination that has captured the attention of the male of the species for the last 400 years.

The dress slips on without closures.

The condition is very good. Despite the breaks in the lace, the dress holds together and can be worn, gently of course.

It measures: 40" bust and waist, 44" hip, and 54" from shoulder to hem.

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