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c.1910 evening dress

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Embellished silk evening dress, c.1910

The straight silhouette of the 1910s is reminiscent of early 19th century Neoclassical styles. In this elegant and tasteful evening dress, the long languorous look is emphasized by the pointed trailing train.

Dresses from this period seem to be effortlessly wrapped and layered. However, the finished Edwardian look is actually the result of meticulous, intricate construction. True art conceals the means by which it is achieved.

The sheer silk chiffon outer layer of the bodice is embellished with padded blue silk embroidery and crystal beading. The under layers of gold metallic lace and gold lamé show through just enough to create an aura of gilded glamour.

The wrapped black charmeuse skirt is partly open in back—a hint of feminine mystery—revealing an underskirt of pleated black chiffon, trimmed with bands of black velvet ribbon and backed with gold metallic lace.

The skirt is lined with black georgette; the bodice is lined with black taffeta. The dress closes in back with hooks. In the tip of the train is a sewn-in weight.

The padded blue silk embroidery and crystal beading make an eloquent design statement. Here is an evening dress that bespeaks wealth and stylishness in a confident, understated manner.

The condition is almost excellent. The dress displays beautifully despite minor issues. In the chiffon sleeves are several tiny holes. The underlayer of gold lamé has some splits. However, the lamé is held in place, as it is sandwiched between layers, keeping them structurally sound. The dress should not be worn but can be the focal point of a display.

It measures: 36" bust, 26" waist, 40" hip, and 57" from shoulder to front hem.

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