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Pingat lace cape

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Bias cut floral silk crepe dress, 1930s

The bias cut dresses of the 1930s are treasured by collectors for their fluid sensuality. This one has the added attraction of a softly draped and almost bare back. I love a dress with back interest (3rd picture from bottom).

Your clothing makes an impression when you enter a room. Stylish dress and appearance will ensure you are missed when you gone. Because a departure is almost as important as an entrance, a back interest on a dress counts for so much.

The term bias cut has become synonymous with the glamorous Hollywood look of the 1930s (Myrna Loy in the Thin Man films). The bias cut molds the dress to the woman, rather than vice versa, thanks to the greatest couturière of all, Madeleine Vionnet.

The dress is fashioned from navy/black silk crepe printed with large, cheerful floral bouquets. The floral motif is carried through with brilliant and delicate taste (4th picture from bottom.)

The halter front is attached at the back neckline to the back panel. The dress slips over the head with no closures.

The condition is excellent. It is clean and ready to wear.

Bias cut measurements are not precise due to the stretchy quality of the design. The dress was photographed on a mannequin that measures 36" bust, 25" waist, and 36" hip.
The dress measures: 38"-40" bust, 33"-34" waist, 38"-40" hip, and 54" center-front length.

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