Victorian side lacing boots

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Silk satin side-lacing boots, c.1865.

By the 1860s, the popular flat side-lacing walking boots of the 1830s had evolved into those with higher curved Louis heels and eye catching color. The sheen from the satin fabric in our boots makes the ravishing rose/coral color glow with life.

Made from silk satin with ivory satin heels, the boots still fascinate and beguile. They have leather soles and are lined with ivory linen. These striking boots were the height of fashion in the 1860s.

The side-lacing cord is a delightful shade of purple. The silk tassels at the top of the opening remind the viewer that the boots were meant to be noticed.

The 1856 discovery of aniline dye brought into high fashion the dazzling, deeply saturated hues seen in Impressionist painting: lilac, mauve, magenta, fuchsia, and methyl blue. See Renoir's masterwork The Parisienne (1874).

Magenta and lilac have an especially powerful subconscious effect on the male psyche. For my money, the rose/coral of our shoes is the most thrilling color, redolent of blushing roses at sunset, glowing in the dusk.

This charming hue intimates the roseate forgetfulness of the setting sun, ceaselessly changing; yet remaining always in harmony with the less changeable colors of the flowers themselves and with all that is deepest, most evanescent, most mysterious, and infinite in the passing hour.

After the 1850s, women's footwear outside the home was almost exclusively in boot form, both front- and side-laced. Tightly laced boots sent an ambiguous fashion signal: demure modesty but also a focus on the alluring curves of ankle and calf.

The condition is almost excellent. The satin fabric shows gentle wear.

The boots are 9" long from front to back. The heels are 1 1/4" high.

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