Victorian evening pumps

#7557 $750

French satin evening pumps, c.1890

After the excessive ornamentation of the 1870s and 1880s, women's footwear returned to elegant simplicity. Our finely crafted evening pumps of burgundy silk satin are embellished only with matching satin bows. The superb fabric and shapely curved heels bespeak the last degree of refinement.

Shoes from this period are very comfortable to wear. The soft fabric uppers gently encase the foot; the low Louis heels are perfect for dancing. The shoes are lined with ivory kid. The soles are leather.

The label inside names a luxe vendor with stores in London and Paris: "Meier Cordonner Pour Dames/109 Rue Des ? Champs".

The provocative charm of the arresting burgundy hue will work its magic on your audience, especially on the male of the species. When you make your entrance in these glam evening shoes, expect the temperature in the room to go up a couple of degrees!

The condition is excellent. The shoes, which show minimal wear, were probably worn very little.

The shoes are 10" long from the toe to the back of the heel.

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