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Venetian gros point lace collar

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Gros Point de Venise lace collar, 17th century

The heavy raised work of Venetian needlepoint lace, which is incorporated into the lace during manufacture, is called rose point (meaning raised) or gros point.

The work in this handmade lace collar is exquisite. The strong baroque design features the finely formed padded crescents with frills of picots that were typical of the best Venetian work. The color is beige.

The tiny handmade stitches in the lace endow it with a human quality that transcends time, connecting us to a master lacemaker from over 300 years ago. Ironically, just when Venetian art forms were reaching their apogee, the Venetian Republic was in political and military decline.

The condition is excellent.

The collar is 2 1/2" wide. The neckline circumference is 14 1/2" and the outer circumference is 20".

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