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1920s metallic lace evening dress

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Metallic lace evening dress, mid 1920s

As a regular visitor to VintageTextile.com, you know of my love for antique textiles. (In an earlier incarnation, I was a textile designer on Seventh Avenue.) I now have the opportunity to handle the most beautiful textiles of the past. Although modern technology has given us practical fabrics, we have lost the beauty of the amazing textiles of the 1920s.

The dress is fashioned in layers connected at the shoulders and hip line. The under layer is a slip of black satin; the outer layer is made from black knotted net lace embroidered with black silk floss leaves and a zigzag pattern of burnished gold floss.

The large gold lamé rose at the shoulder and the black-and-gold Deco clasp at the hipline are fabulous period details.

Gold, the face of opulence, was a favorite color in this decade of ostentatious display. The byword then was: "if you've got, flaunt it." "It" could be money, style, or beauty; preferably all three. When combined with black, as in this exquisite dress, gold has a dazzling graphic effect.

The dress slips over the head with no closures. The slip, which originally was longer, can be let down again if desired.

Here is a dress worthy of an exceptional woman, a hostess who unites graceful repose and unaffected dignity with the most amiable regard for others.

The condition is almost excellent. It just shows gentle wear.

It measures: 40" bust, waist and hip; and 47" from shoulder to hem of the lace outer layer.

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