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Miniature silk calash bonnet, 1780s-1830s

This delightful miniature calash might have belonged to a favorite doll originally. The calash came from an estate where it had been passed down, complete with a matching stand, as a treasured family keepsake. Doll size calashes are extremely rare and highly collectible.

The hand sewn calash is fashioned from slate blue silk and constructed in the 18th century manner with cane hoops. It features the traditional silk ribbon bow at the center-back and additional ribbon and leaf decoration at the front-top.

The silk ribbon ties at the neckline must have disintegrated. You can see where the ribbons were cut off. The calash expands and collapses.

The calash bonnet dates from the 1760s and was named after a 4-seat carriage. The bonnet resembles the fold-down top of a calash carriage. Originally, the calash bonnet was meant to protect the high, powdered hairstyles of the late 18th century.

The condition is very good. The calash, which is structurally sound, exhibits general wear on the back caning covers.

The calash is 4" tall and 4" from front to back when expanded.

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