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1920s beaded dress1920s beaded dress

#c412 $750

Tabard-style beaded overdress, 1920s

The tabard-style dress is an important transitional style from the late 'Teens to the early 1920s. When embellished with bead work on sheer fabric, as on black tulle, the look of the modern tabard bears little resemblance to the flat quality of the medieval tabard.

Our stylish dress lightly skims over the body, draping perfectly from the weight of the beads. Just as for the belted medieval tabard, the sides of the dress are open. It closes at the side hip with hooks.

Originally, tabard dresses were worn with a matching, long, straight underdress. Today a shapely body-conscious slip is popular; or wear the tabard over a body stocking. It was photographed over a black slip, which is not included.

For support, our black tulle dress has been backed with black net, making it sturdy enough to wear. The lavish clear crystal beading is spectacular. Although a few of the beads on the lower skirt are missing, the effect is still dazzling.

The masterful symmetric design achieves its haunting, magical effect by setting three fecund "flowers" in a ground of enigmatic jigsaw motifs. Such subconscious symbolism can have a powerful effect on the male psyche :)

From its birth in Northern Italy in the mid 14th century, high fashion—for both men and women—has often taken inspiration from military attire. Tabard refers to the tunic worn by a knight over his armor.

The condition is very good. Because of minor bead loss, I have priced the dress accordingly. In Excellent condition without bead loss, the price would be $1100 to $1170.

The size fits a variety of figures due to the open sides. The tabard is 50" long from shoulder to hem. You just need to add a slip.

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