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Padded silk winter bonnet, 1840s

The bonnet was an indispensable part of the Early-Victorian wardrobe. "The male visitor ordinarily enters the drawing room with his hat in his hand, and the female will always, unless very intimate, present herself with her bonnet on her head" (the Bazar Book of Decorum, 1873, courtesy of Victoriana Magazine).

Quilted winter bonnets were designed to keep the wearer warm. In the skirt of this bonnet is padding that shields the neck from the elements.

The bonnet is fashioned from olive silk broadcloth. The interior of the crown is lined with green cotton. The thick padding is quilted with rows of trapunto cording. The back bow and neckline ties are emerald green silk ribbon.

The condition is very good and all original. I found one tiny hole. The silk ribbon ties have splits near the neckline from overuse.

It measures 12" from front to back. The skirt is 3 1/2" long.


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