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Kashmir embroidered wool shawl

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Kashmir embroidered wool shawl, 1820s

Shawls, especially from Kashmir, were the indispensable fashion accessory in the early 19th century. European women were drawn to the romance of the exotic, stylized designs.

Our rectangular shawl of cream colored wool features hand-embroidered millefleurs end borders. The ground is covered with widely spaced floral sprigs.

The side edges have narrow borders of sprigs. The intricate pattern is executed in two tones of green floss—a lighter green sheen and a darker Lincoln green. The superb embroidery is fine enough to appear almost reversible.

In this famous portrait by Ingres (1806), Madame Rivière's stylish dress and graceful pose are emphasized by the fine Kashmir shawl encircling her body. As fashion historian Aileen Ribeiro put it, "The shawl becomes almost the soul of the painting...The shawl is just one verse of the long feminine poem which vibrates throughout Ingres' work."

The condition is almost excellent. There are a few very tiny moth nibbles that do not spoil the appearance. In Excellent condition, the price would be about $680.

It measures 22" wide by 66" long.

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