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Chinese export shawl

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Figural Chinese export shawl, early 20th century

Chinese export shawls have been perennial favorites. The Victorians loved to drape them over pianos, while flappers wore them as exotic evening wraps. With its figural scenes, this splendid shawl is a special find.

The shawl is fashioned from medium-weight ivory silk crepe and bordered all around with matching, hand-knotted silk fringe. Two adjacent corners have scenes with Chinese figures, which have the naive charm of American folk art.

The other two adjacent corners have brilliant bouquets of large and small flowers. Depending on how the shawl is folded, you can display a figural or a floral scene. Whether you wear the resplendent shawl or use it in the decor of your home, you will have a superb piece of textile art.

The condition is excellent.

It measures 97" square, including the 16"-wide border of fringe all around.

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