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lace flapper dress

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Beaded Chantilly lace flapper dress, c.1928

Our dress recapitulates Spanish fashion history, where black lace has intimated romance and mystery for 400 years as seen in the portraits of Velázquez and Goya. They depicted well born Spanish ladies who led a more sheltered existence than that of other European women.

Over time black lace began to signify a woman who was desperately desirable but ultimately unattainable. It conveyed a subtle, yet unmistakable, sexual frisson. By the late 1920s, the color black—associated with dignity, mystery, and elegance—had become the dominant hue in women's fashion.

This alluring dress is constructed from black Chantilly lace with a wide hem border of bronze metallic lace, embellished with large crystals, black beads, silver beads, and rhinestones. The slightly uneven hem is charming artistic touch.

The loose fitting, straight style is softened in front with large bias-draped lapels above the waist and a draped bias skirt panel below. The dress slips on without closures. The large lapels intimate a "fashion uniform" for a high official, whose only qualification is to be the most stylish of women.

Zoom in on the ultra-feminine floral motifs, whose gossamer refinement is of the last degree of charm. The designer has taken to heart a saying of Lysippus (350 BCE), the finest sculptor of antiquity, who said that “an artist should imitate, not the work of other artists, but nature itself.”

The sheer dress will need a slip; or wear it without a slip as a peignoir. This is a dress for a woman whose appearance is part of an individual and mysterious whole from a world superior to that in which reason rules.

The condition is excellent. The metallic lace border has been backed for support.

It measures: 38" bust and waist, 42" hip, and 47" from shoulder to hem.

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