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1930s evening dress

#c413 $1,250

Metallic brocaded chiffon evening dress, 1930s

For many collectors, the love affair with vintage clothing began with period textiles, whose subtle beauty cannot be found in contemporary copies. The real metallic fibers in the floral pattern in our dress glow with mellow beauty. The burnished antique patina is the tribute that time pays to beauty.

This brilliant dress perfectly captures the mood of the 1930s. The Depression Years, a time of seductive glamour against the odds, bear witness to our instinctive love of fashion, "the strange necessity" (Rebecca West). Fashion trends were driven by more than practical economy. A seemingly contrary impulse—the yearning for glamour and the unattainable—tells us the most about 1930s high style clothing.

With a low cut back, the long fluid style is a celebration of female curves. Made from black silk chiffon brocaded with metallic gold flowers, our dress comes with a black taffeta slip. Both dress and slip close on the side with snaps and hooks.

Here is a dress for a sophisticated and stylish woman. The floral motifs have a whimsical charm that tells us the wearer belongs to the aristocracy of style, a special cadre of fashion initiates whose smart attire always attracts admiring glances.

The opulence of black-and-gold (royal colors) makes an indelible impression on the viewer. Indeed, it is the burnished metallic gold brocade that epitomizes the luxe design. If you have a flair for the dramatic, this stunning dress is meant for you.

The condition is almost excellent. Below the side opening is small mend, which does not show when the dress is worn.

The dress and slip measure: 36"-38" bust, 28" waist, 40" hip, and 60" from shoulder to hem.

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