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Chiffon and lace flapper dress, c.1929

The delicate chiffons of the late 1920s were like a fresh summer breeze after the hard edged geometry of Art Deco. This charming dress, from the endpoint of the flapper period, has the uneven hemline that anticipates the longer styles of the 1930s. Like birds circling before the storm, fashion designers sensed the end of the era.

The dress came from a wealthy New England estate. It is both ladylike and alluring. The softly draped style merely hints at the figure underneath; the open sides offer an actual glimpse. The dress has a side tab closure.

Black lace is perennial favorite perhaps because it connotes the romance and mystery of the night. Here the gossamer floral-patterned lace alternates with panels of black silk chiffon. The cummerbund is also of black chiffon. The sheer dress will need a slip.

Paradoxically, the black-plus-black design does not camouflage the rich complexity of the intricate floral lace motifs. On the contrary, they are enhanced by the absence of distracting color contrast. Indeed, after Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress (1926), black became the color of high fashion.

The condition is almost excellent. It shows gentle wear.

It measures: 38" bust, 32" waist, 50" hip, and 49" from shoulder to front hem.


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