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Beaded needlepoint pillow cover, c.1890-1900

Antique needlepoint artwork, the mainstay of every Victorian parlor, adds a touch of charm to a modern decor. Who can resist the robust florals and rich colors of the late 19th century?

The finely worked pillow cover features beaded Calla lilies set in a cluster of wool needlepoint leaves. The color variation on one side of the burgundy/red ground is original to the piece and is not a flaw. The needlepoint artist probably ran out of matching yarn.

Calla lilies are large tropical, trumpet-shaped flowers with graceful green stems. They may last for several weeks, but this fine needlepoint can grace your home forever. Calla lilies are lotus flowers, the only plant known as both a fruit and a flower.

Perhaps because the lotus is the symbol of the sun and rebirth, Calla lilies have been a favored subject of graphic artists over the ages. These flowers have inspired rug makers, weavers, and painters, e.g., Tamara de Lempicka's 1941 painting Calla Lilies.

The condition is almost excellent. The velveteen back is slightly soiled. The back can be cleaned or replaced.

It measures 23.5" by 20.5".

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