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Hand-embroidered silk cloak, c.1890-1900

Cloaks fashioned from large shawls were popular from the late Victorian period until the 1920s. The earlier examples, made from ivory hand-embroidered Chinese shawls, were shorter in back than this one to accommodate the bustle. Deco metallic brocade shawls were often used in the cloaks of the 1920s.

Bordered all around with hand-knotted silk fringe, our cloak is fashioned from an ivory Chinese hand-embroidered silk shawl. The cape collar is formed by folding over one side of the shawl. It closes in front with braided tassels.

The floral design is timeless: it has a subtle, undying beauty, as if repeating a truth we knew even before we were born. This may be due to the use of symmetry by reflection, one of four types of planar symmetry and the one most common in nature and in the human body.

You can use this magnificent shawl as the ideal complement to a modern gown, gracing human beauty with the timeless mystery of art. This is what fashion conscious women have done since the Renaissance.

The condition is excellent and wearable.

One size fits all. The cloak is 47" from the shoulder to the back with the seam including the fringe.

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