Gallery of Victorian Vintage Clothing

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Pingat 1890s

Pingat feathered velvet mantle, c.1891.

Bustle gown 1879s

Taffeta bustle gown, 1870s with provenance from descendants of the Revolutionary War veteran, Captain Rufus Lincoln (1751-1838).

Beaded gown 1890s

Couture quality beaded satin gown, c.1890.

Worth bustle gown 1880s

Charles Frederick Worth silk brocade ball gown plus matching day bodice, c.1885. Label: "C. Worth/Paris" in petersham.

Civil War ballgown 1860s

Silk moiré ball gown with metallic gold appliquéd hem border, c.1860.

Morin-Blossier ballgown 1890s

Morin-Blossier beaded satin ball gown, c.1894. Label: "Morin-Blossier/15 Rue Daunou/Paris."

Bustle skirt 1880s

Couture-quality bustle skirt, possibly Worth, c.1880

Felix jacket 1890s

Felix beaded velvet jacket, c.1898. Label:"A. Felix Breveté/Faubourg St-Honoré/Paris".

Beaded parasol 1840s

Beaded carriage parasol with carved ivory bird's head handle, c.1830-50.

Silk parasol 1850s

Silk parasol with rare royal blue color and carved ivory handle, c.1850.

Morin-Blossier gown 1870s

Morin-Blossier silk faille gown with embroidered tulle skirt panel and moiré silk ribbon bows, c.1870-80.

Worth gown 1890s

Worth silk brocaded gown, 1890s.

Wedding tiara 1860s

Silver painted metal wedding tiara with matching groom's boutonnière, c.1860.

Caroline Reboux hat 1870s

Caroline Reboux velvet hat trimmed with silk moiré ribbons and feathers, c.1870-80. Label: "Caroline Reboux/23 Rue de la paix."

Silk dress 1850s

Flounced day dress of chiné floral silk, c.1855.

French fan 1860s

French hand-painted silk fan with cut-work ivory sticks, c.1865.

Bustle gown 1870s

Satin damask bustle gown worn in 1876 by Harriet Gorman, c.1876.

French shoes 1880s

French velvet shoes with metallic embroidery and silk ribbon bows, c.1880. The soles are stamped "Pou-Matero."

Beaded boots c.1900

Halle Brothers beaded ivory leather boots, c.1900.

Pingat coat 1890s

Pingat beaded faux fur/wool coat, 1890s.

Wedding gown 1880s

Silk wedding gown, 1880s from the Commodore Perry estate.

Appliqued coat c.1900

Graphic appliquéd wool coat, c.1900.

Satin corset 1890s

Pink satin corset, c.1890.

Child's beaded shoes 1890s

Child's beaded shoes, c.1890. Made of bronze kid leather with beaded toes.

Doucet evening bodice 1890s

Doucet silk faille evening bodice, c.1891. Label: "Mme. Doucet/dePlusieurs Cours/21 Rue de la Paix/Paris."

Lace parasol 1860s

Chantilly lace/silk parasol with carved ivory handle, c.1860.

Lace shawl 1860s

Handmade needle-run silk lace shawl with triangular shape, c.1860.

Child's bustle dress 1880s

Child's taffeta bustle dress, c.1885. Provenance: Attached note reads "Given to us by Jean Waters Moore. Belonged to her mother, Alice Macklin Waters." The name on the card is Mrs. Carlton W. Bristol.

Chilk's dress 1860s

Child's 3-piece embroidered silk dress, c.1865. Provenance: dress comes with an attached note describing the donor of the dress.

Berlin work slippers 1860s

Gentleman's Berlin work slippers, c.1860. A colorful three-dimensional design worked in wool on canvas.

Catherine Donovan ballgown 1890s

Catherine Donovan silk brocade ball gown, c.1890.