Gallery of Early Antique Clothing

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Regency bonnet

Regency straw bonnet, 1820s. Rare all-original condition and sold to the Costume Institute.

Shoes c.1754

Silk damask wedding shoes of Elizabeth Rockwood Farnsworth, c. April 28, 1754. Provenance: handwritten note on the sole of one shoe with date of the wedding.

Embroidered petticoat c.1790

French crewel embroidered linen skirt, c.1790. The extensive written provenance is powerfully resonant with history, including a dramatic Civil War display at a benefit for Union soldiers.

1830s doll

Rare papier mâché doll with original clothing, c.1830 from the Annie Potts family of Farmington, Connecticut.

Evening dress c.1805

Neoclassical silk evening dress with metallic trim, c.1815.

man's coat c.1810

Neoclassical gentleman's striped silk coat, c.1805-10.

Embroidered dress 1830s

Romantic-period hand-embroidered silk taffeta dress with large gigot sleeves, c.1830.

1830s shoes

Silk faille shoes from a Woodstock, Conn. estate, c.1830-50.

embroidered coif c.1720

Silk coif, hand-embroidered with polychrome silk and metallic floss, c.1680-1720.

1640s gloves

English gentleman's doeskin gauntlet gloves with metallic embroidery, c.1640. From the collection of Mrs. Charlotte Rafery.

Neoclassical gown c.1805

Neoclassical hand-embroidered cotton gauze dress with train, c.1805.

1820s pelisse

Silk damask pelisse worn by Elizabeth Rockwood Farnsworth, c.1820. She married Amos Farnsworth, Jr., who fought at the battle of Bunker Hill.

1830s man's coat

American gentleman's silk damask dress coat, c.1830. Provenance: handwritten note reads "Suit worn by John Lamson at the Court Ball in Paris c.1830..."

1830s Shaker cape

Shaker hooded cape constructed in 18th century manner, c.1830. Provenance: handwritten name of original Shaker owner on tag in hood.

1780s pocketbook

Hand-embroidered silk taffeta pocketbook/card case, c.1780-1800.

1780s printed cape

French printed cotton, hooded cape with contrasting print lining, c.1780-90.

1770s caraco jacket

French caraco-style silk damask jacket, c.1770.

1830s slippers

Silk damask boudoir slippers, brocaded with metallic gold and silver, c.1830.

1790s boy's banyan

Boy's cotton print banyan from Scotland, worn in America, c.1790. Provenance: note from the heirs read: "The first John Ritchie to live in (the USA) wore this dressing robe..."

1730s shoes

Rare early rococo silk damask shoes, c.1730.

1790s shoes

Tambour-embroidered kid shoes, c.1790-1805. Purchased from a Groton, Mass. estate.

pudding cap c.1775

Child's stuffed leather pudding cap, c.1775.

robe a la polonaise

Silk robe à la Polonaise with matching petticoat, 1770s-1780s.

sack back gown

Satin brocade robe à la française, 1770s.

1720s stomacher

Silk taffeta stomacher, hand-embroidered with silk polychrome floss, c.1720. Authenticated as being French.

1770s embroidered purse

Philadelphia hand-embroidered silk purse, c.1770-90. Provenance: several hand written notes inside "worked by Phebe Lewis..."

1820s pelisse

Ruffled cotton pelisse, c.1825.

1790s shoes

Tambour-embroidered kid/silk shoes with small Italian heels, c.1790.

1810s spencer ensemble

Gold silk dress with matching Spencer jacket, c.1810. From a Philadelphia estate.

1790s open robe

American block print cotton open robe, c.1790.

1810s embroidered shawl

Neoclassical hand-embroidered whitework shawl, c.1810-20.

1820s pelisse

Silk damask pelisse, c.1820.