Gallery of 1920s Vintage Clothing

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1920s evening coat

Couture-quality evening coat of metallic brocade and velvet, c.1924. The Persian-style pattern is elaborately beaded. The coat is fully lined with chartreuse velvet.

Gallenga purse 1920s

Gallenga stenciled velvet bag, 1920s.

Flapper dress 1920s

Beaded cotton flapper dress, c.1926.

Fortuny jacket 1920s

Fortuny short velvet jacket stenciled with the lace pattern, 1920s. Circular sewn-in label: "Mariano Fortuny/Venise."

Boue Soeurs 1920s

Boué Soeurs hand-embroidered nightgown trimmed with handmade filet lace, 1920s. Label: "Boué Soeurs."

Wiener Werkstatte coat 1920s

Devoré velvet coat patterned attributed to Wiener Werkstatte, 1920s

Flapper evening coat 1920s

French beaded silk velvet coat, c.1925. Label: "Harry Angelo Company/Paris/Made in France."

Babani coat 1920s

Babani metallic embroidered velvet coat, 1920s.

Beaded dress 1920s

Couture quality beaded silk tulle evening dress, c.1924.

Perugia shoes 1920s

Perugia velvet/metallic gold shoes, c.1925. Labels: "Perugia/21_Ave N. Dame_Nice/11/Faubourg St Honoré_Paris" and "Modele Depose/Perugia/Pre 9579/No 23160."

Beaded dress 1920s

Couture quality beaded silk chiffon dress, early 1920s.

Fortuny cape 1920s

Fortuny silk velvet hooded cape hand-stenciled with Coptic motifs, c.1920. Provenance: from the collection of Gloria Vanderbilt.

Lace tea dress 1920s

Couture quality, hand-embroidered, beaded lace tea dress, c.1920.

Fortuny Delphos 1920s

Fortuny silk pleated Delphos dress with Venetian glass beads on the sides, c.1920-1930. The belt and dress seams are marked "Fortuny DSE."

Beaded flapper dress 1920s

Cotton tulle/gold metallic lace evening dress with fishtail train and silver beading, c.1925.

Lucile evening dress 1920s

Lucile silk chiffon/metallic lace evening dress, c.1922. Labels: "Lucile Ltd./19 East 54th Street/New York" and "Stock #6299/Model #NY83/Date received 3/1/22".

1920s wedding dress

Brussels mixed lace, custom-designed wedding dress, c.1923.

Callot Soeurs dress 1920s

Callot Soeurs black silk crepe evening dress with bands of Oriental patterned gold lamé, c.1924. Label: "Made in France/Callot Soeurs/Paris/Nouvelle marque Déposé."

Beaded dress 1920s

French beaded silk chiffon evening dress, c.1924. Label: "Bonwit Teller & Co./New York/Paris/Philadelphia."

Deco shawl 1920s

Deco silk tulle shawl embroidered with a bold geometric pattern of metallic gold and silk floss, c.1920.

Lace tea dress 1920s

Hand-embroidered fine lawn dress with panels of handmade needle lace and handmade filet lace, c.1924.

Pinet shoes 1920s

Pinet tambour-embroidered satin evening shoes, c.1925.

Beaded dress 1920s

Beaded silk crepe/satin evening dress, c.1920. Label: "Frances & Co. Dressmakers, Inc./10 West 56th St./New York."

Evening ensemble 1920s

Jeweled metallic lace evening ensemble, c.1925.

French lingerie 1920s

French silk/lace teddy, c.1925. Label: "Made in France."

1920s peignoir

Silk chiffon peignoir decorated with metallic gold lace and silk ribbon floral bouquets, c.1925.

1920s evening cap

Flapper rhinestone evening cap, c.1925.

Fortuny purse 1920s

Hand-stenciled silk velvet purse attributed to Fortuny, c.1925.

1920s beaded ensemble

Beaded/embroidered silk chiffon dress with matching coat, c.1926. Label: "Beneway/Hartford, Connecticut."

Tiffany purse 1920s

Tiffany & Co. micro beaded evening bag, c.1920. The gold frame, stamped "14 K Tiffany & Co." on the inside, has a cabochon emerald clasp.

Beaded flapper dress 1920s

French beaded metallic lace flapper dress, c.1925.

Beaded dress 1920s

Couture quality beaded chiffon evening dress over a metallic gold lamé slip, c.1925.

Beaded dress 1920s

French beaded silk chiffon dress, c.1924. Label: "Made in France."

Gallenga shawl 1920s

Gallenga hand-stenciled silk chiffon shawl, c.1920. Label: "Maria Monaci Gallenga" is stenciled in one corner.

Lace dress 1920s

French hand-beaded silk chiffon dress, c. 1925. Labels: "Made in France." and "Emilienne Manass/320.Rue Saint Honoré, Paris."

Deco shawl 1920s

Deco metallic brocade shawl with hand-knotted ombré silk fringe, c.1925.

Beaded dress 1920s

French beaded satin flapper dress, c.1925. The hip band and border panels are of gold lamé. The design glitters with a mix of rhinestones, crystal beads, and silver lined glass beads.

Beaded dress 1920s

Beaded opera coat, c.1922. Made from cobalt blue devoré velvet, cut to a ground of bronzed gold metallic lamé. The kimono-style coat is lavishly beaded with Egyptian-style motifs.

Beaded dress 1920s

Fortuny stenciled silk gauze wrap, c.1920. The caftan-style wrap features a hand stenciled Persian style pattern rendered in gold metallic pigments.

Beaded dress 1920s

Gallenga stenciled velvet tea gown, c.1920. Signed Maria Monaci Gallenga on the hem of the train.