Edwardian Antique Clothing

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Edwardian wedding dress
#2829      $1,650

Lace trimmed silk wedding dress, c.1908. The stylized charm of the floral design and the gossamer delicacy of the lace pattern personify the feminine ideal in clothing. The dress delights the jaded modern eye with its soft feminine styling, pin tucks, and hand-assembled lace.  NEW LISTING

Edwardian lace skirt
#2845      $875Sold

Fancy lace skirt, c.1905. The skirt fits smoothly over the hips to below the knee, where the lower flounce cascades into a long back train. In the vocabulary of high style costume, the elegant train connotes an almost regal elegance.  NEW LISTING

Edwardian lace wedding dress
#2843      $1,800Sold

Mixed lace wedding dress, c.1905. What a delightful mix of embroidered panels, machine lace, and handmade Irish crochet flowers! On the skirt panels, an array of lace floral motifs complement the large padded satin stitch embroidered roses.  NEW LISTING

c.1915 wedding dress
#7568      $850

Charmeuse, lace, and chiffon wedding dress, c.1915. The supple softness of the silk charmeuse body of the dress complements by contrast the straight silhouette. The boldly patterned lace creates a strong accent.  NEW LISTING

Irish crochet bolero c.1905
#2765      $2,300

French cashmere coat trimmed with Irish crochet, c.1905. The super luxe coat from Francis & Co. (Paris) is an exemplar of Edwardian style—bold Irish crochet flowers and dramatic, wide angel-wing sleeves. Made from ivory cashmere wool, the opulent & well preserved coat still has the original black silk georgette behind the Irish crochet.

Brussels lace overdress
#2840      $3,200

Brussels handmade Duchesse lace overdress, c.1905. Originally part of a grand Belle Epoque silk gown, this exquisite overdress can be the core of a unique wedding ensemble. What a fantastic buy—the visual effect of an heirloom lace garment without the higher cost of a complete Brussels lace dress!  NEW LISTING

Edwardian lace tea dress
#2841      $1,250

Mixed lace tea dress, c.1910. Handmade lace, machine made lingerie-style lace, and tambour-embroidered net lace are the motifs in this symphony in lace. The high waisted bodice is fashioned from delicate floral embroidered net.


Beaded devoré velvet evening wrap, c.1914. Made from rose colored velvet cut to a ground of navy blue chiffon, the fluid unstructured shape is so modern. The navy chiffon sections are covered with iridescent glass beads. The plump velvet roses are bordered with bands of meandering fleurs-de-lis. The sublime roses in bloom have a haunting beauty with their vivid verisimilitude.

Edwardian walking suit
#7549      $1,275

Hand-embroidered linen walking suit, 1910s. Embroidered with raised, padded satin stitch and fancy fill open work and with fab hand-embroidered scalloped edges. The gracefully flared skirt is smooth over the hips. The skirt waistband was let out for a modern fit.  NEW LISTING

Irish crochet dress
#2598      $1,850

Irish crochet dress tunic, c.1910. The princess-line skirt seams are open below the waist—provocative construction rarely seen in Irish crochet garments. The romantic floral design incorporates large hand-embroidered roses. The padded, high relief embroidery is the perfect complement to the 3-dimensional Irish crochet flowers.

Edwardian shoes
#7551      $750

Kid leather shoes with ribbon stripes on toes, c.1905. The chevron pattern of aqua gros grain ribbon is appliquéd onto the toes. So simple and elegant, the geometric design foreshadows Deco modernism of the 1920s.  NEW LISTING

c.1910 evening dress
#c222      $1,200

Embellished silk evening dress, c.1910. The long languorous look is amplified by the trailing train. The blue silk embroidery and crystal beading make an eloquent design statement: an evening dress that bespeaks wealth and stylishness in a confident, understated manner.

Edwardian boudoir jacekt
#7534      $475

Silk boudoir jacket, c.1900. The lightweight silk jacket is a delicious shade of pale pink. Rows of lace inserts and pleated tulle edge ruffles add to the emblematic feminine appeal. Frilly combing jackets have moved from the Edwardian boudoir into contemporary fashion.

Edwardian ltea gown
#1985      $1,400

B. Altman French satin tea gown, c.1900. Borrowed from 18th century open robes, the style here has an open front skirt filled in with lace where the petticoat would have been. A handwritten label reads "Mrs. J.W. Tillinghast," a society figure in 1900. Included with the dress is the New York Times society page of July 28, 1906 with a full report on the social event.

Edwardian hat c.1910
#4106      $650

High style brown velvet hat, c.1910. I love the sophisticated elliptical shape with the narrow rolled brim that curls up to meet the extravagantly decorated crown. The brim is covered with matching brown ostrich feathers, two of which form a faux bow in back. The tour de force of the milliner's decorative art is the use of brown mink pom-poms and velvet pine cones.

Edwardian lace tea dress
#2003      $1,950

Mixed lace/embroidered silk dress, c.1910. This sumptuous dress combines a delightful mix of fine handmade Brussels lace, textured machine made lace, and lovely embroidered roses. The designer ingeniously uses blooming roses as a leitmotif of feminine beauty: the embroidered roses on the skirt extend into the back lace panel.

Beaded coat c.1912
#2707      $1,800

Beaded and embroidered net coat, c.1912. The cutaway style that dips down to a train in back epitomizes Edwardian elegance. The plush raised effect of the ribbon embroidery is enhanced by a mix of sparkling faceted beads. The whimsical, aristocratic refinement of the embroidered motifs still shows an Art Nouveau influence.

Widee brim hat c.1910
#7363      $950

Wide-brim straw hat with original trim, c.1910. What a treat to find an all original, antique extra-wide-brim hat! The romantic appeal of the wide brim, which beautifully frames the face, makes the style a perennial favorite with collectors. Made from natural colored straw, the hat has the original decoration of ivory ostrich plumes and charming bouquets of forget-me-not like fabric flowers.

Edwardian riding habit

Linen riding habit, c.1908-1920. Covering the tops of the jodhpurs underneath, the long shapely jacket has a deep, to-the-waist vent in back and is man tailored with a notched lapel and diagonal breast pocket. What a remarkable historical artifact at a great price: a valuable collectible and an eye catching wearable!

Edwardian beaded dress

Beaded appliquéd evening dress, c.1916. The layered styles of the period intimate a beguiling feminine mystique. In this exemplar of the style, lace appliqués on the bodice peek through an outer layer of beaded tulle. The enigmatic zigzag motif on the bodice hints at an arcane, portentous mystery.

Edwardian tea dress

Filet lace tea dress, c.1910. The long slender dress personifies understated elegance: everything is soft and feminine. This graceful, gossamer design combines sheer silk chiffon covered with rows of pin tucks, pleated ruffles, and textured filet lace embroidered with a fab Chinese-style pattern in silk floss.

Orientalism coat c.1912

Orientalism-inspired wool coat, c.1912-1920. Wide kimono sleeves, a high stand-up collar, and a straight cut. The black cloud-form pattern is embroidered with curled wool yarn and outlined with black cord. As exciting and wearable today as 100 years ago, this stunning coat is a peerless exemplar of Orientalism in fashion.

Edwardian wedding gown

Commodore Perry estate satin wedding gown, c.1908. The figure-flattering, princess line seams mold the gown to the torso without adding bulk at the waist and hip. The neckline opening is trimmed with faux pearls and lace flounces that form graceful partial sleeves. What could be more romantic than bare shoulders with just a hint of delicate lace cover!

Jeanne Hallee bodice

Jeanne Hallée lace bodice, c.1900. Made from handmade Cluny lace over bronzed gold lamé, the bodice has a mesmerizing design with two different oval motifs in parallel rows. The collar is embellished with horizontal bands of gold lamé and decorative cut-steel buttons set with rhinestones.

Edwardian wedding gown

Brussels lace trimmed wedding gown with cathedral train, c.1910. Covered with layers of matching dotted swiss tulle and handmade Brussels lace, the stately gown features a poufed draped tulle on the skirt anchored with a garland of waxed orange blossoms. With a long cathedral train and handmade Brussels lace trim, this historically accurate gown is a rare find.

Edwardian wedding gown

Brussels handmade lace wedding dress, c.1905. This important heirloom lace dress has panels of Point de Gaze needlepoint lace surrounded by Duchesse bobbin lace. A large piece of fine Brussels lace is itself a much sought after collectible. It is rare to find an entire dress made entirely from antique Brussels lace.

Edwardian hat

Plush faux fur hat, c.1900. Made from black plush faux fur, the stylish hat has fab decoration. It is trimmed with beaded black velvet panels, a fuchsia fabric flower, a black gros grain ribbon bow, and the indispensable long ostrich plume.

Edwardian hat

Wide-brim straw hat with floral decoration, c.1905. Made from natural colored straw, the hat boasts the elaborate floral decoration so popular during the Edwardian period. Shirred ivory cotton tulle and pink satin ribbon complete the tableau.

c.1912 wedding dress

Beaded satin/lace wedding dress, c.1912. The long lean lines and empire waist are in the Directoire style; while the elaborate beading, draped lace, hobbled asymmetric skirt, and fishtail train are early 20th century innovations. Loops of sparkling crystal beads complete the inspired ornamentation. This magnificent collectible is also suitable for the bride who wants the couture look!

Coronation robe

Coronation robe of British Duchess, c.1911. Lined with ivory satin, the robe and train (over two yards long) were fashioned from rich claret velvet imbued with dignity and tradition. The short capelet is of white ermine with four rows of black sealskin spots, indicating the rank of Duchess. The front closure of the robe has an embroidered bronze coronet.

 Velvet evening cloak, c.1918

Stern Brothers embroidered silk velvet evening cloak, c.1918. The sumptuous cloak retains the easy, unstructured comfort of a cape with just a suggestion of sleeves. The luxe silk velvet fabric falls in graceful, full folds from the shoulder yoke. The distinctive, aristocratic embroidery on the shoulders is particularly noteworthy.

Redfern silk cape

Redfern natural silk cape, c.1901. Sturdy and wearable, the stylish cape has the solid construction of a gentleman's garment. The choice of a menswear plaid lining was an inspired touch. The romantic, full-gathered hood could be right out of a Gothic novel like Jane Eyre; while the dramatic cutwork pattern on the black leather trim is like the arcane insignia of the fashion elite.

Edwardian straw hat

Wire frame hat with fruit trim, c.1910. Trimmed with concentric circles of black raffia ribbon and stretched over a wire frame, the delicious decoration is to die for. The looped bows are made from wired, chenille-style raffia. The brim is topped with mouth-watering faux fruit.

Beaded overblouse, c.1912

Beaded net overblouse, c.1912. Made from fine black net, the top is elaborately embellished with bead work and bronzed metallic embroidery, whose burnished patina enhances the soft pastels of the beads. Our charming and artistic beaded top was originally worn over one of the slender gowns that became fashionable just before WWI.

Belle Epoque gown

Belle Époque silk crepe gown, c.1902. Made from delicious raspberry pink silk crepe, this endearing gown personifies the Gibson Girl, the icon of feminine beauty created by illustrator Charles Dana Gibson. In all original condition, our captivating Belle Époque gown is a special find for the collector because it still has the famous S-bend shape of the period.

Battenburg lace coat

French tape lace coat, c.1905. With the original chiffon ruffles, the plush coat is a special find for the collector who appreciates unaltered design. The sheer chiffon ruffles are remarkably well preserved. Tape lace is the ideal medium for the crisp, clean beauty of the charming tape lace motifs, which are intricate, bold, and texturally exciting.

Chinese embroidered coat

Hand-embroidered Chinese silk coat, c.1904. Hand-embroidered with bouquets of flowers in shades of gold, rose, ivory, and gray silk floss. The design incorporates subtle textures with a variety of stitches and corded soutache. The slightly flared style was perfect over the slim dresses of the 1910s and will work just as well over a modern slip dress.

Edwardian style blouse

Edwardian style vintage blouse, 1970s. Finely fashioned from peach colored silk crepe de chine with French seams and rows of pin tucks, the princess line seams give the blouse a figure flattering shape. The hem border is of expensive handmade Cluny lace. This beauty gives you the romantic allure of an antique in a garment sturdy enough to wear.

Edwardian tea dress

Two-piece cotton day dress, c.1905. The petal-soft pink hue of our ultra-feminine tea dress is a pleasant alternative to the standard white. The masterful ornamentation is to die for! The bodice is embellished with charming ruffles, lace inserts, and narrow tucks; the skirt is decorated with rows of wide tucks.

Edwardian tea dress

Embroidered tea dress, c.1910. The pristine dress is lavishly decorated with machine embroidered cutwork and lace inserts. With their endearing feminine charm, the floral motifs on the bodice intimate the eternal mystery of woman's beauty. Despite the elaboration of decorative elements, the dress has an unaffected naturalness that wins the heart.

Edwardian coat

Wool melton coat, c.1900. The wide sailor collar and cuffs of black velvet trimmed with braided soutache give an exotic charm to the surplice-style coat, which is fuller in back, falling in graceful folds. The full raglan sleeves and coat back are shaped with decorative seaming detail. You would have to pay $2700-$3000 to find such masterly decoration on a designer coat.

Edwardian lingerie jacket

French lace lingerie jacket, c.1905. Made from lightweight white cotton broadcloth with inserts of matching cotton lace, this beauty has exceptionally fine detail: faggoted seams, pin tucks, wider tucks, and a hand-embroidered monogram. Handmade French vintage lingerie has a well deserved reputation for working "bedroom magic" on the wearer's partner.

Edwardian linen coat

Hand-embroidered linen coat, c.1910. Hand-embroidered white linen has the enduring appeal of a classic perhaps because linen garments remain crisp, clean, cool, and fresh in the hottest weather. The wide three-quarter-length sleeves are perfect for summer. The charming floral motif on the skirt, sleeves, and back is like a captivating musical theme with variations.

Edwardian day dress

Hand-embroidered linen/lace ensemble, c.1910. The high waist and the two vertical panels emphasize the long lines of the silhouette. The panels almost appear continuous from the vest to the skirt. Both the long sleeved dress and the sleeveless vest are hand embroidered with a cutwork floral pattern. The satin stitch embroidery has an amazing 3-dimensional verisimilitude.

Edwardian nightgown

Silk chiffon nightgown, c.1910. The bodice, pleated to the empire waistline, falls in soft folds below the ribbon ties. The nightgown features panels of handmade filet lace, delicate floral lace, and silk ribbon rose buds. The seductive allure and delicate femininity of the floral lace, as it adorns and caresses your body, will not be lost on the man in your life.

Edwardian embroidered skirt

Chantilly lace gown, c.1905. The bodice has the full pigeon-breasted front typical of the period. The skirt is cut longer and fuller in back, forming a small train. The grand gown is noteworthy for the unusual addition of colorful floral appliqués. The textural elements—Chantilly lace inserts and black velvet ribbon bands—really stand out.

Edwardian evening bag

Beaded metallic brocade evening bag, c.1912. Made from metallic silver and gold brocaded silk, the bag is embellished with an Art Nouveau pattern of bronzed gold bullion, faux pearls, and glittering rhinestones. It belonged to Katherine Drexel, great granddaughter of Francis Martin Drexel, founder of the Drexel family in the United States.