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Vintage Textile Brides

For valued clients over the years, I have been happy to provide to the future bride the gown she will wear on the most important day of her life. The new Vintage Textile Brides page shows a selection of these gowns as first presented here and then in all their glory at the wedding.



The Vintage Advantage

Why does high end vintage clothing sell at such a big discount to comparable new designer clothing? To learn how you can benefit from the vintage advantage, there are three questions you should ask yourself and answer about the vintage treasure you covet and about your attitude to vintage clothing.



Storage of Vintage Clothing

Here are the best practices to follow to store and protect your collection. By following these guidelines, or at least the most important ones, you will be going a long way to preserving your precious treasures.



Collecting Vintage Clothing—Part II:
Quality and Condition

How condition affects the quality of antique clothing.
What to look for in the garment's condition.
How "design integrity" affects restoration.
The meaning of "reasonable restoration."



Collecting Vintage Clothing—Part I

If you have studied "Vintage clothing as an Investment," you are understand why many discriminating collectors today are building a collection: the aesthetic pleasure and social prestige from creating and owning a collection; the intellectual challenge; and the long-term financial rewards.


Vintage Clothing as an Investment

If the stock market has you down, read about investing in the fashion arts. "Collecting fine art is an expression of the yearning of the human soul for beauty. Collecting has various psychological, aesthetic and financial components—all commingled together in different ways in the mind of each collector."


Real Interest Rates vs. Collectibles Prices

"The key to understanding the price performance of hard assets—and of collectibles in particular—is the concept of real interest rates. The relative price performance of hard assets vs. financial assets is dependent on the level and direction of real interest rates."


Characteristics of Major Investment Types

Collectibles provide a dramatic illustration of the principle of compensating investment characteristics. Among asset classes, collectibles have lower liquidity, but they return almost as much as stocks and have lower variability of return (risk). It is a very fair tradeoff for the collector.



Fashion in the 1930s

The stock market crash of October,1929 ushered in the financial and economic collapse of the 1930s. America had not seen such widespread economic hardship since the 1870s. All aspects of culture, including women's fashion, reflected in diverse ways the impact of the Depression ethos.


The Little Black Dress

Since Chanel introduced the "little black dress" in 1926, it has become the epitome of fashion. She believed fashion should be functional as well as chic. Radically simple, her LBD was designed to fit every woman in a variety of roles. It was meant as the fashion ideal: a perfectly simple, yet sexy object.

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