1920s-1930s Vintage Clothing

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Fortuny stenciled jacket

Fortuny stenciled velvet jacket, 1930s. The jacket is hand stenciled with a Renaissance-style pattern in gold pigments. Here is the subtle shading found in Renaissance frescoes. With wide sleeves and a stand-up shawl collar, the short boxy style is meant to be worn open without closures. A Fortuny stenciled velvet outer garment is even more rare than a Delphos gown. NEW LISTING

1920s Chinese coat

Chinese embroidered satin coat, 1920s. Made from black satin with borders of ivory satin, the brilliant coat is finely hand embroidered in silk polychrome floss with Chinese motifs of flowers and figures. Especially memorable are the decorative cerise and amber flowers, whose whimsical verisimilitude puts Nature herself to shame.

1920s lacy dress

Silk chiffon & lace dress, 1930s. The body-conscious diaphanous dresses from the 1930s are treasured by collectors for their fluid grace. The dress combines delicate, pale peach chiffon with matching silk lace. The body-hugging style is broken above the hipline with flirty bias-cut lace ruffles. The silk lace motifs are executed with consummate artistry, creating a delicate floral design of the utmost feminine allure.

1920s lace tea dress

Floral chiffon dress with low cut back, 1930s. The slinky, form fitting silhouette and hip-seam detail anticipate the longer styles of the 1930s. The hybrid style combines a sophisticated 1930s silhouette with an endearing floral print, whose sunny hues—for a 1930s viewer—symbolized the unbounded optimism of the carefree 1920s.

flapper evening coat

Metallic brocade/velvet evening coat, 1920s. The body of the coat is fashioned from luxurious blue silk velvet. The fit is loose and comfortable. The deeply set kimono sleeves present an inspired contrast of black and gold metallic brocaded satin. The opulence of black-and-gold (royal colors) makes an indelible impression on the eye of the viewer. Indeed, it is the burnished metallic gold brocade that epitomizes the luxe Art Deco design. If you have a flair for the dramatic, our brilliant coat for the grand occasion is meant for you. NEW LISTING

1920s evening cape

Bias-cut floral silk crepe dress, 1930s. Made from navy/black silk crepe printed with large, cheerful floral bouquets. The halter front is attached at the back neckline to the back panel. The floral motif is carried through with brilliant and delicate taste. The bias cut with the softly draped and almost bare back (fabulous back interest!) creates the fluid sensuality that we associate with glamorous 1930s dresses. NEW LISTING

1920s lace weddingdress

Beaded velvet and brocaded satin evening coat, c.1922. There is nothing quite so enduringly chic and timeless as a high style evening coat. Made from black-and-gold brocaded satin, the regal coat is probably French. The surface is covered with gold beads and sequins. The glittering Art Deco design infuses the dress with high-octane 1920s glamour.

Boue Soeurs flapper dress

Boué Soeurs hand-embroidered dress, c.1925. The 3 inserted figural medallions of handmade needle lace make this piece an exemplar of the needle arts. The figures are dressed like 17th century courtiers. The medallions alternate with baskets of flowers down the front of the dress.

Beaded flapper dress

Beaded silk chiffon flapper dress, late 1920s. The two-piece style consists of a slip dress and shell top. The skirt and shell are totally covered with small silver-lined crystal beads. Made of rose pink silk chiffon, both pieces slip over the head with no closures. The upper skirt fits smoothly over the hips (on a fuller figure). The bias-cut, circular lower skirt drapes longer on one side. NEW LISTING

Deco lame evening coat

Deco gold lamé evening coat, c.1925. The stylized pattern of flattened chrysanthemums is rendered in graphic black-and-gold metallic brocade (royal hues). In our brilliant, luminous coat there inheres a regal, resplendent beauty that will turn heads as you make your grand entrance, and keep them turned.

1920s flapper dress

Beaded satin/lace flapper dress, c.1926. The loose fitting, drop-waist style is comfortable and easy to wear. Wide borders of matching lace around the neckline are mirrored around the hem. Glittering rhinestones dot the lace hem border.

Deco evening coat

Deco evening coat, 1930s. Made from black silk/rayon velvet, the stylish and sophisticated coat pays homage to the heyday of Art Deco in the mid-1920s. In fashion, a white-on-black theme creates high drama. In the dazzling Deco design, the striking "framing effect" of white-and-black color blocks creates a powerful theatrical effect.

1920s robe de style

Appliquéd robe de style dress, c.1924. With the original built-in panniers, this exemplary piece was based on Jeanne Lanvin's signature robe de style, which hearkened back to 18th century Court dress. Against a canvas of luxe maize-hued velvet, the exuberant floral appliqués—made from silks and silk ribbons—are reminiscent of the decorative charm of the Rococo.

1930s evening dress

Beaded evening dress with strappy back, 1930s. Covered with clear crystal beads, the dress slips on without closures, hugging the torso in just the right places. Everything is miraculously held in place—and only by your curves ;:) With its fab "back interest," this sophisticated dress conveys the alluring sensuality of 1930s silver screen idols.

1920s evening cap

Deco sequined evening cap, c.1925. By the late 1920s, the bell-shaped cloche had been pared down to the skull cap, following the new streamlined modernism. The simplified shape of the evening cap cried out for elaborate surface decoration. Here the embroidered design uses an ingenious mix of glittering sequins and coiled metallic spirals.

1920s Chinese dragon coat

Chinese embroidered dragon coat, 1920s. Straight-cut wide sleeves, mandarin collar and embroidered with 3 dragons, symbolizing good luck. The expressive dragon eyes are embroidered with silk floss. The striking 2-color design of real silver cord against carmine red satin makes an indelible impression. NEW LISTING

1930s evening dress

Chantilly lace flapper dress, c.1925. Chantilly lace flapper dress, c.1925. The torso is straight to the drop waist. The skirt, straight in front and full in back, has layers of bias-cut panels. The slip is skillfully constructed with a sheer layer of black silk chiffon over a chartreuse satin lining. The cheerful red-yellow-blue tambour embroidery personifies the unbridled optimism of the mid-1920s. NEW LISTING

Lace flapper hat

Embroidered metallic lace skull cap, 1920s. By the late 1920s, the bell shaped cloche was pared down (streamlined modernism) even more to become a skull cap. The lace cobweb pattern creates a delicate filigree effect, as mysterious as it is beautiful. The embroidered chenille flowers add a 3-dimensional quality. This treasure of textile art has a mellow beauty not found in modern synthetics.

Fortuny stenciled jacket

Fortuny stenciled velvet jacket, c.1930. The "lace" pattern is hand stenciled with layers of subtly changing silver/gray pigment, reproducing the Renaissance fresco effect. By an aesthetic dialectic,Fortuny synthesized ideas to create a new and different design. Here he brilliantly combines blocks based on Islamic tiles with borders based on 17th century lace.

1920s lace tunic

Embroidered knotted net lace tunic, 1920s. This artistic tunic combines an ancient lace technique with a thoroughly modern T-shirt shape. The ingenious symmetrical design is composed of semi-abstract natural motifs—many referencing the harvest time. The variegated, multiform motifs create an unforgettable panoply of masterful ethnic-style design.

Metallic lace flapper dress

Metallic lace flapper dress, c.1925. The torso is straight to the hipline. The fullness of the skirt is softly gathered on the sides and in back. The elaborated floral motifs still show the influence of Art Nouveau. The incandescent beauty of the lace personifies the dazzling splendor of late 1920s fashion.

1930s evening coat

Silk velvet evening coat, c.1936. Made from luxurious silk velvet, the elegant velvet evening coat captures the glamour aesthetic of the 1930s. The collar is tightly pleated around the neck to stand up and frame the face. The leg-of-mutton sleeves are puffed at the top. The opulent burgundy hue gives our luxe coat an enduring significance and charm. Indeed, it is a coat with an "attitude," conveying both old money assurance and the confidence of supreme stylishness. NEW LISTING

1930s dance dress

Beaded silk chiffon dance dress, 1930s-40s. Made with an outer layer of black silk chiffon over a black silk crepe slip. The ankle-length gored skirt flares above the knee with inserted bias-cut panels and flounces. With swirling skirt and sleeves, this dazzling, Ginger Rogers dance dress makes a great dance even more spectacular.

1930s evening cape

Chiffon evening cape, 1930s. Dramatically shaped with fluttering double layers of black chiffon that plunge from just below the bust in front to full length in back. Is it the black chiffon cocoon or the exotic scalloping that creates an inviting yet enigmatic intimacy? The sphinxian cape will wrap a stylish woman in the mystery of the night.